Because of the Color: A Study of Racial Tension in Northeast Edmonton

Auteur Stephanos Hibashi
Titre Because of the Color: A Study of Racial Tension in Northeast Edmonton
Année 1992
Editor Bennett, Pearl; Kushniruk, Sheila.
Place of Publication Edmonton.
Publication Type Book
Location CRRF+Black Box
Pages 36.
Sujet Racism & Anti-Racism; Documenting Racism; General; Community Perspectives
CRRF Identifier RA-DR-Ge-BR-2008
Last modified 16/07/12
English Abstract

This study addresses the issue of racial discrimination in Northeast Edmonton. Data is included from questionnaires, interviews and group discussions. Specifically, this study assesses the community's definition of racism, perceptions of racial tension, interaction of visible minorities with mainstream Canadians, racial incidents, racism in schools, and discrimination in employment and housing. Programs addressing racism in schools, recreation, and the community in general are listed in the study as well as recommendations and suggestions for additional committees and programs in the future.

When visible minorities try to find a place to live they are often turned away with explanations there is no vacancy. The smell of their foods, being native or being on welfare are cited as being the major reasons for inaccessibility to decent housing. (p.2). Racial incidents take place in schools and in the neighborhoods. Some of these incidents are violent and result in the formation of 'school gangs.' Members of racial minorities are harassed and their property vandalized. Neighbors are disrespectful to each other and name-calling is common. Moreover, many see racism as the reason for their poverty and unemployment. (p.28).

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