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Invitation to Islam: Islamic Stereotypes in Western Mass Media

Auteur Hassan, Anser.
Titre Invitation to Islam: Islamic Stereotypes in Western Mass Media
Année 1995
Journal Name IR Journal.
Volume And Issue XIV (2).
Maisons d'édition International Relations Department, San Francisco State University
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication San Francisco.
Publication Type Journal Article
Location CRRF+Black Box
Pages 9.
Sujet Media; Minority Representation; Islamic Stereotypes
CRRF Identifier Me-MR-JA-1892
Last modified 14/07/15
English Abstract

This journal article highlights the misconceptions and stereotypes present in the mass media about Islam and Muslims. It argues that Muslims are portrayed as living in a world closed to technology, development and thought, where religion controls every facet of the Muslim conscious. It also brings attention to the fact that Western Mass Media perpetuates false stereotypes of Muslim people, assuming that all Muslims are militant and fundamentalists. The article begins with a historical background of the development of these stereotypes, followed by descriptions of methods used to perpetuate the stereotypes. These include the selective use of words to describe Muslims, such as terrorists and extremists, and the inadequate representation of Muslim people in Western Mass Media.

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