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Auteur Ali, Jennifer & Grabb, Edward.
Titre Ethnic Origin, Class Origin and Educational Attainment in Canada: Further Evidence on the Mosaic Thesis
Année 1998
Journal Name Journal of Canadian Studies. Revue d'études canadiennes.
Volume And Issue 33 (1).
Maisons d'édition University of Toronto Press
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Peterborough, ON.
Publication Type Journal Article
Location CRRF+Black Box
Pages 3-21.
Sujet Racism & Anti-Racism; Documenting Racism; Linking Oppressions; Ethnicity; Class
CRRF Identifier RA-DR-LO-JA-1735
Last modified 22/08/12
English Abstract

Using educational attainment as a marker of societal status attainment, this paper looks at the effects of ethnic origin and class origin on status attainment. The authors also look at the effects of ethnicity and class origin on educational attainment. The results indicate that there is still evidence to support John Porter's famous mosaic theory, which depicted a Canadian society in 1965 in which many factors contributed to status attainment, but all of which were overruled by the effects of ethnocultural discrimination. The authors also discuss these results in the context of future research and action.