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Gaining a Voice: Media Relations for Canadian Ethnic Minorities

AuteurEdmond Marc du Rogoff
TitreGaining a Voice: Media Relations for Canadian Ethnic Minorities
ISBN ISSN0969551800
Maisons d'éditionMedia Resources Advisory Group (Publications)
Place of PublicationOttawa.
Publication TypeBook
SujetMedia; General; Minority Groups; Racism & Anti-Racism; Ethnicity; Newspaper; Radio; Television; Culture; Stereotypes
CRRF IdentifierMe-Ge-BR-1504
Last modified14/07/15
English Abstract

The main purpose of this book is to provide a thorough, detailed guide on how minority groups in Canada can be more effective in utilizing the media and preventing the misrepresentation of their communities in the media. This is a highly practical guide, with such useful topics as how to reach the media, how to prepare a press release, and how to prepare for interviews and press conferences. Also included are several case studies which show how various groups in Canada have learned to effectively utilize the media. The book concludes with a contact list of the mass media in Canada.

There is a saying in English, 'The squeaky wheel gets oiled.' It is time that ethnic groups in Canada made noise in the media, to obtain the attention they deserve from society. Canada and its ethnic communities will be better off. The world will learn that a truly multicultural society is being built in the 'True North'. (p.95)

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