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A Different World: Children's Perceptions of Race and Class in Media

Auteur Lake Sosin Snell Perry & Associates & Motivational Educational Entertainment (MEE).
Titre A Different World: Children's Perceptions of Race and Class in Media
Année 1998
Series Media Awareness Network.
Maisons d'édition Children Now
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Los Angeles.
Publication Type Report
Location CRRF+Online
Pages 14.
Sujet Media; General; Youth; Racism & Anti-Racism; Identity; Opinions & Attitudes; Multiculturalism
CRRF Identifier Me-Ge-BR-1246
Last modified 13/06/16
English Abstract

This research, the results of which are available on the Media Awareness Network website, seeks to gauge how American children feel about diversity and issues of race and to assess the influence of the media in their understandings of these issues. Its findings are based on meetings with focus groups and on a national poll of 1,200 children. 300 children of four different backgrounds (African-American, Latino, Asian and White) were surveyed equally. This report, presented in point form, is largely statistical and provides a great number of quotes.

[When you watch TV] you want to think 'I could do that. I could be there. That could be me in five or six years.' But you don't see anything of yourself, and you're just like, 'Oh, well maybe I'll just have to go do this,' ---an Asian teen (p.2)