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Auteur Dr. Jon Young, Tim MacKay
Titre Multicultural, Intercultural and Anti-Racist Education In-Service Teacher Education Practices in Canada
Année 1998, April
ISBN ISSN 0-415-08390-7
Maisons d'édition Canadian Council for Multicultural and Intercultural Education (CCMIE)
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Montreal
Publication Type Report
Location CRRF
Pages 61
Sujet Education; Teacher Training; Racism & Anti-Racism; Multiculturalism
CRRF Identifier Ed-TT-BR-1092
Last modified 26/06/12
English Abstract

This research report focuses on the impacts of multicultural education on teachers. The study is based on teacher responses from Western Canada in the spring of 1997. Based on the data in this study the authors conclude that 'multicultural education remains marginalized and left as an individual project for a small number of teachers' rather than a provincial priority. The authors discuss the possibility of change when provincial curriculum reform is coupled with school-based planning.

The act of teaching, in a traditional view, involves the passing on of skills and concepts to learners. Let me suggest that this view is pedagogical rather than educational. Education is to do with the development of individual rationality. (p.20)

Teachers are the owners of their own educational knowledge. They may share this knowledge with others, by demonstrating its internal validity, in that they are able to live out their educational values. (p.45)