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Accommodating Religious and Cultural Diversity in the School: Training Unit for School Principals

AuteurDirection des services aux communautés culturelles.
TitreAccommodating Religious and Cultural Diversity in the School: Training Unit for School Principals
Année1997, May
ISBN ISSN2-550-31863-3
Volume And IssueNo. 8
SeriesIntercultural Education
Maisons d'éditionGouvernement du Québec, Ministère de l'Éducation du Québec (MEQ)
Publisher URLURL
Place of PublicationQuebec
Publication TypeReport
SujetEducation; Teacher Training; Culture; Diversity Portrayal; Immigration & Settlement; Provincial Overview: Québec
CRRF IdentifierEd-TT-BR-1088
Last modified14/07/15
English Abstract

This training unit is designed primarily to help school principals make fair and informed decisions in cases of conflict of cultural or religious values arising in the school setting. The approach used in this document focuses on eight practical case studies in which the cultural communities involved are named. The unit is designed to present a general approach to conflicts, rather than detailed instructions for dealing with the various possible conflicts. One of the key purposes of this training unit is to address one of the dominant challenges in the Québec school system today - the handling of value conflicts.

The acceptance of cultural and religious differences will allow students to feel that their culture is valued and to identify more with the school. (Author - page 8)

Never forget the main person involved, the child, who is probably the best practical expert you find on the question of accommodation. (Author - page 19)

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