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Diverse Voices: Manitobans Speak Out on Racism

Auteur Madeline Frances Coopsammy, Lavonne Garnett, John, Seeta Brar, Dr. Atish Maniar, Elizabeth Esquega, Valerie Carter, Brenna Ironstand, Black Wolf, Elizabeth Enns, Richard Heath, C.T, Muminawatum, M. Ja
Titre Diverse Voices: Manitobans Speak Out on Racism
Année 1996
Editor Beatrice Mathias
Maisons d'édition Coalition for Human Equality
Place of Publication Winnipeg.
Publication Type Report
Location CRRF.
Pages 43.
Sujet Racism & Anti-Racism; Combatting Racism; Public Awareness; Relationships; Symbols; Racism; Poetry; Personal Narratives
CRRF Identifier RA-CR-PA-BR-895
Last modified 13/05/16
English Abstract

The Coalition for Human Equality produced this anthology in order to work towards awareness of the issue of racism in Manitoba. The anthology consists of poetry, short stories, prose and personal accounts of Manitoba residents and their experiences surrounding racism.

It is this understanding that all life is sacred, which in turn affects our understanding of how we need to relate to people- all people. Racism starts, I believe, when we pollute our Earth, our sky, our water. What we do to the earth is what we do to eachother. This profound understanding, this profound spirituality, is the lesson the trees and the elders are helping to teach me. (Valerie Carter, p.15)