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Auteur Federal-Provincial Labour Market Information Committee
Titre Demographic and Labour Market Characteristics of Local Board Areas
Année 1994
ISBN ISSN 0-7778-3368-9
Maisons d'édition Federal-Provincial Labour Market Information Committee (Canada/Ontario)
Place of Publication Toronto
Publication Type Bilingual Report
Location CRRF
Pages 61 English 62 French
Sujet Employment; Labour Market Research
CRRF Identifier EM-MR-BR-409
Last modified 21/08/12
English Abstract

In an effort to assist persons at the community level to establish Local Boards that will be responsible for the creation of environmental scans and strategic planning, this bilingual labour market research report utilizes Statistic Canada's Census and administrative data bases to provide demographic and labour market characteristics of Local Board areas. In particular, these Local Board area studies look at: particular characteristics of the labour force participation and population statistics for selected designated groups like visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples and women.