The Early Years: Laying the Foundations for Racial Equality

Auteur Iram Siraj-Blatchford
Titre The Early Years: Laying the Foundations for Racial Equality
Année 1995
ISBN ISSN 0948080647.
Maisons d'édition Trentham Books Ltd
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Staffordshire, England.
Publication Type Book
Location CRRF
Pages 180.
Sujet Education; Children; Racism & Anti-racism
CRRF Identifier Ed-EC-BR-391
Last modified 7/08/12
English Abstract

This book represents a collaboration of early childhood education experts from the UK, United States and Australia, writing on the impact of racism on children between the ages of 0-7. The research, policy and practical elements which are presented are intended to provide support for early years workers by looking at identifying the many ways in which young children experience racism. The main ways through which this is addressed are language development, curriculum development, working with parents, identifying the importance of policies that are implemented, and the importance of training and resources to move these policies forward.

I believe that by 'laying the foundations' for racial equality in the early years we are making a major investment for future racial harmony and for the development of a confident and well-informed citizenship. (Iram Siraj-Blatchford) (p.xiii)

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