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A History Of Race/ism

Auteur Tim McCaskell
Titre A History Of Race/ism
Année 1994
Maisons d'édition Equity Studies Centre, Toronto Board of Education
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Toronto
Publication Type Report
Location CRRF
Pages 24
Sujet Education; Curriculum Material; Racism & Anti-racism
CRRF Identifier Ed-CM-BR-162
Last modified 6/05/16
English Abstract

This educational piece suggests that in order to understand the nature of racism and how to overcome it, it is first necessary to understand the history of racism. More specifically, it is necessary to acknowledge that racism has not always existed and it is not an innate characteristic of human beings. Thus, racism can be overcome. The author presents the history of racism starting from as early as the Ancient World, and continuing until the present. Also covered is the historical nature and existence of sexuality, gender, culture, and scientific racism. The author also cites colonialism as a primary cause of racism, and suggests that the impact of this racism far exceeds the period of colonialism.

Our responsibility is not to be paralyzed, either by anger or by guilt, over the injustices of history. We must remember those injustices. We must understand them. And most important of all, we must use those memories and understandings as a tool to dismantle their tragic legacy today. (Tim McCaskell, p.21)