Dysfunction in the Human Rights Complaints System

Auteur Cindy Wilkey, et al.
Titre Dysfunction in the Human Rights Complaints System
Année 1995
Maisons d'édition Coalition for Reform of the Human Rights Commission
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Toronto
Publication Type Report
Location CRRF.
Pages 19.
Sujet Human Rights; Provincial Human Rights Commissions; Human Rights Complaints; Law; Prevention
CRRF Identifier HR-PC-BR-28
Last modified 29/07/13
English Abstract

The main purpose of this report is to present a critical analysis of the Human Rights Complaints system, specifically citing the problems of disrespectful treatment of complainants, bias, delay, inappropriate pressure to settle, failure to provide information and a lack of efficiency and productivity. The report concludes that as a result of numerous specific problems, the public perceives the System as incapable of delivering justice, and consequently feel that there is no point in lodging a complaint. The report attempts to address this problem by offering recommendations for every stage of the Complaint process.

Officers' reports frequently reveal a profound misunderstanding of how discrimination is manifested, as illustrated by the relevant caselaw: For example, officers often conclude that there is no discrimination when fewer than 100% employees in a workplace report that they have experienced it. (p.15)
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