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Issue 7: The Power of Words

Featuring 10 informative and timely pieces!

Editorials: The Power of Words – Rubin Friedman | Let’s rethink our public policy of ‘integrating’ newcomers: Geoffrey Cameron | Trends: The Taxonomy of Human Services: A Common language to connect people and programs – John Allec, Clive Jones and Georgia Sales | Booknotes: Novel Ideas About the Power of Words | Five White Roses and A Red: Imam Habeeb Alli | Feature Articles & Papers: Race Words: The Case for Mandatory Implicit Bias Training for Educators: Rachel Zellars | Unsettling Genocide and Transforming Group Relations in Canada: Andrew Woolford | “Race” and Racism: Reflections on the Power of Words: Micheline Labelle | Politics of Brown Identity: Danielle Sandhu | The Power of Words vs. The Words of Power in Acadia: Éric Forgues