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The Rights Path: It's Your Right to be Treated With Respect and Without Discrimination

Author Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres
Title The Rights Path: It's Your Right to be Treated With Respect and Without Discrimination
Year 1995
Publisher Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Manitoba
Publication Type Booklet
Location CRRF
Pages 20
Subject Human Rights; Provincial Human Rights Commissions; Canadian Human Rights Commissions; Public Awareness; Child Welfare; Family Rights; Employment Rights; Economic Rights; Education Rights; Health Care Rights; Criminal Justice Rights
CRRF Identifier HR-PC-BR-988
Last modified 2016-05-16
English Abstract

This booklet on human rights enforcement is geared primarily towards First Nations Peoples, and although it does present a general overview of Human Rights Legislation in Canada, it also contains information specific to First Nations peoples. The format of the booklet is to present an overview of a specific right, outlining the main methods for ensuring that this right is upheld as well as the possible outcomes of these actions. The main rights considered by this booklet are child welfare rights, family rights, employment rights, economic rights, education rights, health care rights and criminal justice rights. Also included is a list of government and community organizations which can aid in resolving human rights issues.

Your rights may be protected and enforced by the government, but it doesn't own your rights or give then to you. Your rights belong to you. Standing up for your rights is your responsibility. No one gives you the power to exercise your rights- its you that takes the power. (p.3)