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Human Rights at 70 –  A Roundtable to examine the progress and gaps for communities

Human Rights at 70 – A Roundtable to examine the progress and gaps for communities

Thank you to everyone who attended! Photos and videos will be posted this Friday.

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CRRF Statement on 2017 Police-reported hate crime statistics

The results released from Statistics Canada today regarding police-related hate crimes show a 47% increase in reported hate crimes in 2017, when compared to 2016.

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Appointment of New Chairperson and Member – Canadian Race Relations Foundation

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) warmly welcomes Teresa Woo-Paw to the position of Chairperson, following her recently-announced Governor-in-Council appointment.

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New Directions Article: Repairing the Rift: Reconciliation as Relations-Repair - November 2018

New Directions Article: Repairing the Rift: Reconciliation as Relations-Repair - November 2018

We are pleased to announce that our third article in the new Directions format comes from Prof. Augie Fleras at the University of Waterloo.

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The Our Canada Project

Exploring Canadian values through culture, faith and identity

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation has developed Our Canada as a three-year initiative to heighten awareness, understanding and respect for Canadian values and traditions. It will culminate in the historic opportunity to celebrate these values and traditions as part of Canada's Sesquicentennial in 2017. The Canadian Government's focus on highlighting milestones of Canada's history from Confederation to the present time presents an opportunity for the CRRF to pay tribute to, and celebrate, our collective pride in our diversity, and our multicultural and democratic principles.

The CRRF has identified the opportunity to further Canadians' understanding of, and respect for, Canadian values and traditions by engaging people throughout Canada in discussions and activities that recognize diversity as a national asset, and promote core Canadian values and civic engagement as everyone's contribution to building a stronger country. Our Canada will effectually construct a national framework for dialogue on Canadian values and promote a deeper sense of identity for all Canadians.

Our Canada will leverage the CRRF's online resource capabilities, which were enhanced in 2014 with a robust online bibliographic search capacity. The project will also build on the achievements of Interfaith & Belonging – A Civic Education and Engagement Initiative.

Beginning with the release of the CRRF's Report on Canadian Values, which includes a national survey, expert interviews and research conducted on currently existing studies on values, Our Canada will seek to deliver programs and products across the country that raise awareness and consciousness of the shared values of all Canadians.

The initiatives being designed under the project include:

  • Canada 150, a collection of unique stories, released once a week for 150 weeks, that celebrate and promote Canadian values.
  • Cross-Canada symposia held in nine major cities to discuss and promote Canadian values.
  • Cross-Canada workshops for diversity and inclusion leaders to increase awareness of acknowledging faith in the workplace.
  • Youth Canada cafés across the country designed to engage youth in the conversation about Canadian values.
  • A national video competition for youth that will engage schools across the country in the conversation.

Several additional programs are also being planned to enhance project outcomes.

Our Canada will work closely with a Leadership Circle consisting of representatives from organizations, who have been selected for their expertise, knowledge and outreach capabilities. Together with the Leadership Circle, Our Canada will establish an awareness and understanding of Canadian values and identity that are reflective of Canadian diversity and inclusive of the perspectives of Aboriginal Peoples, Francophones and newcomers.

Our Canada will lay the groundwork for building a harmonious society made up of multiple cultures, faiths and ethnicities, working and living side by side, as we celebrate Canada's Sesquicentennial and the next 150 years.

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